Whole Home Surge Protection

Even the best electrical system can suffer from power surges. This is even more evident during stormy weather or some other sort of atmospheric disturbance. It can even occur as a result of your home’s wiring or an outdated electrical panel that really needs upgrading.

Power surges can potentially cause damage to your household goods. Things such as refrigerators and televisions are particularly vulnerable, as too are computers. In fact, the lifespan of your appliances can be significantly shortened by regular surges in power. Sometimes these surges even go unnoticed, but not by your appliances and products.

So, what is whole home surge protection? Whole home surge protection is a system designed to protect your entire home and all your appliances from these damaging power surges. If you care about your goods, it only makes sense to have a licensed electrician come into your home and set it up with surge protection.

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  • Whole home surge protection
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